Sartorial Saturday–Mad About Plaid

Can you believe the Heidi-Abalone tartan swing dress from Miss Candyfloss wasn’t originally on my “must buy” list this season?!? But one day when I was flipping through the lookbook, I realized that it’s basically the same style as what has become my favorite style of dress for summer, just with longer sleeves. So I combed through my wishlist to decided what was going to get the axe so I could add this lovely dress to my wardrobe!

There are some beautiful and unexpected colors in the dress (I love the teal and red!), and I can’t wait to accessorize based on some of those, but to start, I went with basic black and grey with my Erstwilder brooch, Splendette stack of Duchess Bangles, and hat and gloves:

The dress has lovely puff sleeves, which I’m especially enjoying since Chickadee and I are reading Anne of Green Gables right now!

Tartan is such a pretty pattern for autumn!

The skirt has a fabulous twirl!

This is the perfect fall dress!

This “Exquisite” collection has just been flying by, but I still have a few more pieces I’m looking forward to sharing!

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