Sartorial Saturday…On a Wednesday–The Mary Blair Necklace

Happy Mary Blair March!

This year, I’m taking a look at something new and different…A RockLove Jewelry Mary Blair Alice in Wonderland spinner necklace:

True to its name, the medallion of the pendant actually spins in the Victorian style:

There are different enamel designs on each sideā€¦a flower in Mary Blair’s distinctive colors on one, and a quote from the movie (“Quiet, Bud”), on the reverse:

The boutique box is lovely, as well:

This y-chain necklace is a special and distinctive addition to my wardrobe, representing my favorite vintage Disney artist and my favorite modern jewelry company!

Sartorial Saturday–Treasures Untold

RockLove Jewelry has quickly become one of my favorite places to buy unique necklaces. I already shared about the pre-vacation souvenir I purchased when I ordered Leia Organa’s Kyber Crystal necklace in the spring, and most of the other members of our family have picked up Kyber Crystal pieces, too. I wasn’t really thinking about adding any more necklaces to my collection (well, other than the new Mace Windu Kyber Crystal, but that’s going to have to wait)…until they announced a “Countdown to Halloween” sale for all of their Disney pieces. I had been admiring The Little Mermaid Bubble Solitaire necklace for some time, but it wasn’t in my budget. With the sale, though, it became much more affordable, and so I jumped on it!

This necklace is special to me for a few reasons. When I was a kid, The Little Mermaid was my favorite Disney movie, and I still love the music as much as I did back then, plus Flounder will always be one of my favorite sidekicks. The color in the crystal, which shifts from aquamarine to periwinkle and back, is gorgeous. And I especially love that it features an Austrian crystal, which reminds me of the land of my grandfather’s birth.

I’m thrilled that RockLove has such unique pieces that represent so many different fandoms…it makes it easy to find something (or many things) that fit your personality!

An Early Vacation Souvenir

I’m so excited about our family vacation this summer, I already bought a souvenir, and we don’t even leave until next month!

I knew I wanted to get a RockLove Jewelry Kyber Crystal necklace to commemorate our time at Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge, even without knowing for sure if they’re sold anywhere at Disney. When RockLove had their birthday sale last month, I decided to just go ahead and order it ahead of time, promising myself I wouldn’t wear it until our trip (although I am going to make an exception on Star Wars Day!). I chose Princess Leia’s Kyber Crystal, both because I think it’s the prettiest necklace in the collection, and because the words “optimism, stability, serenity” really resonated with me.

I’m really looking forward to wearing this unique piece, and I’m glad I already have something to remember our trip by!

The Erstwilder Brooch Converter

I’ve had my eye on something at Erstwilder for while now, and it’s not a brooch…it’s a brooch converter! This clever little device slides right over the pin on the brooch, and has a loop to thread a chain through. There are both horizontal and vertical varieties, so no matter which way your brooch attaches, you can use one of the converters with it.

I love being able to wear some of my favorite brooches as necklaces!

Sartorial Saturday–Heartfelt Hydrangea

Hydrangea season might be over, but that doesn’t mean I have to give up my favorite flower!

I’ve never ordered a necklace from Erstwilder before. I guess I kind of assumed that the chain would be too short for neck (many retro necklaces are meant for women with thinner necks than I have), and their necklaces are a little expensive to just take a chance. But sometime around my birthday, when I remembered just how much I love hydrangeas, I also remembered that Erstwilder had a few pieces inspired by the flower in some of their previous launches. I missed out on the brooches, but the necklace was still available, and I had been saving my Erstwilder reward points for so long, I was able to order it for basically free! I didn’t have to wait long to receive it, even coming from Australia, (Erstwilder’s international shipping, handled by DHL, is amazingly fast!). It’s a beautiful necklace. The colors and shading are amazing, and the fit is perfect…it’s not too small at all! It’s definitely a statement piece, so I kept the rest of my jewelry simple…just a few Splendette glitter bangles in coordinating colors.

Just for fun, here’s a look at some of the hydrangeas I’ve seen this summer:

I’m so glad I took a chance on this necklace, and can admire my favorite flower all year long!