An Expectant Mother’s Prayer

From the Lutheran Book of Prayer:

“O great God and Father of all who call upon You, magnificent are Your works; I glorify Your holy name. You are my helper; complete what You have begun in me, and keep this child safe from all harm, and daily bestow on us health and strength. Guide me through Your Spirit, and let me be constantly mindful of my privilege and my responsibility as a mother. At all times let me place my trust in You and Your fatherly care, knowing that from generation to generation Your mercy is upon those who lean upon You. I commit both my child and myself to Your mercy and goodness. Relying on Jesus, my dear Redeemer, I pray, give me calmness, patience, and quiet happiness, and make me, in good time, a joyous mother of a happy child, in Jesus’ name. Amen.”

A Prayer for Independence Day

From the LCMS “LetUsPray” Resource:

“O merciful Father in heaven, on this anniversary of our nation’s Declaration of Independence, keep this nation under Your care. Protect our land from danger and instability. Abide with our military who courageously keep our country safe. Guide President Obama, our federal and state legislators, our governors, our county and city government officials, and all who serve them. Grant all public servants the understanding that You work through them to keep our country stable and safe.

Eternal God, the country You have given to us is indeed a good land, a land in which freedom reigns. Give us faith, however, to look beyond this land and into the eternal home which You give to us for Jesus’ sake.

God of peace, You know that we live in a world plagued with war and uprising. By Your Word and Sacraments, strengthen our faith so that we can endure this world while remaining confident of Your eventual return, when war will cease and peace will sustain the new creation. Amen.”

A Mother’s Day Prayer

Our pastor prayed a prayer very similar to this one this morning, only he also included a petition for mothers who have lost children. I wish I had the full text of that prayer, because I found it especially comforting this year, but this is equally beautiful, from the LetUsPray section of the LCMS website:

“Blessed Father, You grant us life through our parents and You set children in families. Be pleased to bless our mothers, especially on this Mothers’ Day. Help them recognize the holy office You have entrusted to them, and strengthen them to serve faithfully and well within it. Grant that their motherly service may not be burdensome, but rather joyful and glad. Bless all women who do not have children and those whose children are estranged from them, that their hope and confidence may ever remain in You in whom true joy is found. Give us loving hearts that freely give thanks for our mothers, that heartily forgive them where they have failed and fallen short, that willingly obey them, and that gladly honor them. Lord, in Your mercy, hear our prayer.”