Mother’s Day Lunch

I knew that Turkey was planning a Mother’s Day surprise for me…it’s been pretty obvious that he was working on the logistics of it for weeks. But I didn’t know what it was, aside from the fact that it was something that would require Ryan’s assistance after church today. Well, I think Turkey did an excellent job!

He knows how much I enjoy sushi, and how unlikely I am to buy it for myself. So he and Ryan went out to buy me a special lunch today, and Turkey arranged it on the platter himself when they got home. He¬†was also surprised, though…he didn’t anticipate that they would have heart-shaped sushi today! That made my lunch extra special, and was a treat for both of us!

Mother-Daughter Sushi Lunch

I promised Bunny that I would take her out for sushi sometime this summer, so today we went to Wasabi Sushi Bar.


It was the first time either of us had been there…the decor was very nice.



Bunny loved the tiny soy sauce dishes.


Bunny told me she didn’t want to eat any raw fish, which was fine with me…she got a vegetable roll, I got a Central Avenue roll with salmon, and I also got us a California roll to share, since the fish in that was cooked. The sushi boat was a big surprise to Bunny! She was very happy with the vegetable roll and the California roll, and she even tried a piece of my Central Avenue roll…she was so proud of herself for trying raw fish (and she even seemed to like it!)!


Sushi is really very pretty:


We even splurged, and each got a green tea cheesecake pop for dessert…yum!


What a fun way to spend an afternoon with my oldest daughter!