Anticipating Tomorrow

I’m getting more and more nervous about my various Moose-related appointments tomorrow.  I’m getting a real bad vibe off the O.T., and I’m not looking forward to meeting with her at all.  I’ve talked to her twice today now, and I’m getting the distinct impression that she is not happy with the timing of tomorrow’s evaluation and follow-up meeting.

Look, I get that this was last minute and everything, but it’s not like I scheduled the appointment–I was just grateful that the time the caseworker told me worked out with the other stuff I have scheduled–contrary to popular opinion, I have a life, and my time is important, too!  Yeah, yeah, I’m “just” a stay at home mom (as the caseworker pointed out, complete with the word just, and condescending tone, the first time I met with her), but I do have other things to do, and they’re going to have to deal.  Yes, I want to get Moose help, but I do have three other children, and interests of my own, so they’re going to have to meet me halfway.  Frankly, I think I’ve been plenty accommodating, given that for all three of these evaluations, I was just called and told when they would be taking place.  As a matter of fact, the only appointment I really had any say in was the one for the follow-up, and even then, I didn’t get to pick the date, I was just able to give a general time that would work for me.

Given the attitude of the occupational therapist, I’m also concerned because I think she’s the one we’ll be dealing with for the occupational therapy I’m sure they’re going to suggest for Moose.  (What does that involve, anyway?  He’s only two, and has no occupation.  Yeah, I know, that’s not exactly what that means, but that’s what it sounds like.  Weird.)  If we’re already not hitting it off, and she hasn’t even been here yet, how in the world is she going to help my son?  Hopefully, she was just having a bad day today, and she’ll be more pleasant tomorrow.  Or maybe she’s just bad on the phone.  Or, and this isn’t a great option for me, but would be OK by Moose, maybe she’s one of those adults that is great with children, but can’t really communicate with other adults.  Whatever…guess I’ll get a better indication of all this tomorrow.

Anyway, I feel better getting this off my chest.  I’ll just be glad when tomorrow is behind me.

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