Farewell, Old Friend

Well, after about six and a half years, Babycenter.com and I have parted ways.  Last spring, they announced a transition at a new community–more social-networking based than it was before–and while I did check it out, the new set-up is not for me.  I don’t need every mom on there to know my every movement, don’t need tags to describe myself, don’t want to “own” a group.

So, I was aware that the new was coming.  I was a beta-tester back in April (for both days I tried it out), and then they opened the community up to everybody over the summer.  At the beginning of this month, the announcement came that some of the old boards were going read-only, so it was only a matter of time. Actually, none of my boards did that, but when I went to check things out today, I had to login, and all my old boards were gone.  I was really only reading two at this point–so many people had either transitioned to the new, or left in a huff that it’s been slowing down considerably.  But I’ll miss reading about the people I had come to feel I knew.

Maybe I didn’t give the new format enough of a chance.  But if I wanted to participate in a Cafe Mom style community, I would just join Cafe Mom.  Maybe nobody ever told Babycenter “if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it!” As for me, I have no interest in joining a group for “20-something moms with four children who homeschool, scrapbook, read a lot, and like watching reruns of Friends.”  OK, that’s a bit of an exaggeration, but there are just too many specialized groups, which means that none of them really has anything interesting to say.

I’ll miss my old friend–I shared four pregnancies, infancy, babyhood, toddler and preschool stages with good ol’ BBC.  But all good things must come to an end.  As Ladybug is really no longer a baby, and really more of a toddler, I guess it’s fitting in a weird sort of a way.  Sure, Babycenter transitions to Parentcenter, and is helpful until your child turns at least eight, but mostly I guess that phase of my life is over.  I suppose I’ll find more productive things to do with my time, anyway!

It was nice knowing you, Babycenter.  Thanks for all of the information and support (while it lasted!).  Sorry I’m not hip enough to make the transition with you–guess you’re looking for younger, cooler moms than me!

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