How Smart is She?

I realize that I probably sound like I’m bragging when I talk about how smart my children are.  And maybe I am.  I do think that all of my children are quite smart, though (even Moose with his speech delay!), and the older two have always been rather advanced, and Bunny in particular has always been light years ahead of where she’s supposed to be.  This is a child who was using full sentences at 13 months!  I would seriously consider her gifted, for a variety of reasons.

Knowing this, and having dealt with her sometimes frustrating intelligence for over four years now, she still occasionally finds ways to surprise me.  I alluded to Turkey’s clever use of an “R” word earlier this week, by drawing a “roaring tiger.”  And I still think that was impressive for someone his age, to circumvent the rules so that he could draw what he wanted.

That’s nothing compared to Bunny’s drawing on the same day, though.  She started out simply enough, drawing a whole bunch of rocks.  OK, that’s cool.  She drew some other basic “R” things, and then she gets out her orange crayon.  As she starts drawing, I’m seeing what looks like a carrot appearing on the page. I’ll admit, I’m curious–did she get bored of the assignment and just start drawing what she wanted?  Did she forget what she was supposed to be doing? Did she have carrots on the brain?  Was she just being difficult?

So, I decide to ask…”does carrot begin with “R”?”  She looks at me like I’m completely stupid, and says, very matter-of-factly:  “A carrot is root.”

OK, then.  Score one point for Bunny, and Mommy goes to curl up in the fetal position under the school table.  This is what I deal with every day, folks.  She is just that smart.  Let’s keep in mind, she’s not even four-and-a-half yet.  I don’t how I’m going to keep up with her when she starts asking really tough questions.  I do know that we’ll be spending a lot of time at the library!

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