It Could Have Been Worse

I had my big meeting with the school today.  Only six of the nine people scheduled to be there showed up (I have to admit, I was relieved that the principal wasn’t there–I think I would have felt like a kid sent to the principal’s office if he had been throwing questions at me!), and there was a student teacher added to the meeting, so there were seven other people, out of a scheduled nine, and with the additional person, a possible ten.  That would have been much worse–ten sets of eyes staring at me, and ten different people asking me questions about all of Moose’s abilities and behaviors!

It actually wasn’t too bad.  Most of the women there were very nice, and they all knew we were homeschooling our oldest two, and nobody was openly judgmental, which was, of course, a concern of mine, since I was dealing with the school district.  Anyway, they decided upon which evaluations Moose needs, and set a date for that all to be done.  Another few hours at the school, feeling uncomfortable, are in my future–hopefully Moose won’t share that sentiment.  Anyway, it looks like he should be starting right after his birthday, so not too much longer from now.

Weird–I never expected to be homeschooling at all, figured they’d all go to public school.  Then, once we decided to homeschool, I figured I wouldn’t be having any dealings with the public school system.  Instead, I get both.  More proof that “man plans, God laughs!”

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