It was a Good Idea, Anyway

I was all excited, because I found out that a local church puts on a Boar’s Head Christmas Festival (every year, I’m assuming).  I’ve only ever been to a Boar’s Head festival once, probably eight or nine years ago, but it was the coolest thing, and every Christmas, I’ve remembered it, and wanted to go again.  So, you can imagine my excitement upon finding one, and the idea of taking the children to see it!  All the costumes, the singing, the music–I know they would love it…

The excitement was short-lived.  I was basically told that children aren’t welcome, unless they can be “completely silent” for the entire time.  Maybe the five year old would be OK, *if* he could follow this mandate but the rest…now, the older children especially are pretty well-behaved in church, but I don’t think they’ve ever been “completely silent” unless they were sleeping.

I get that people go to see the pageantry and don’t want to be interrupted.  But I would think that given that my children are used to going to church, and know basically how to behave there, that they could overlook some whispered questions about what’s going on.  I guess maybe I’m just being selfish about wanting them to have that experience.  But I can’t be the only person who wants to take small children to see something so cool–can I?  You’d think with seven or so performances, they could designate one “appropriate” for families with children.

It would have been a good history lesson, not to mention getting to see the telling of Jesus’ birth in a way they never have before.  It’s just another example of a place in church where my children are not wanted. There are entirely too many places in *most* churches where children are not welcome, where they are shuttled off away from the adults, to do their own thing.  And that’s supposed to be a good idea why?  I’m pretty sure people of all ages went to see Jesus (actually I’m certain–suffer the little children unto me, anyone?).  I could easily get despondent about this, but instead, I’m going to comfort myself with the fact that at least they are welcome, and wanted, in our home congregation, which is the best church I have ever attended!

Maybe I can get a DVD version of the Boar’s Head Festival to watch at home?  It’s either that, or wait another four years or so, until they’re all “old enough” to go…

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