Thanksgiving with Snoopy

Although we’re not having our full-fledged Thanksgiving unit until next week, we are reading two Thanksgiving books this week:  If You Sailed on the Mayflower in 1620 and If You were at the First Thanksgiving.  We’ve also recently watched A Charlie Brown Thanksgiving, which includes The Mayflower Voyagers, told with the whole Peanuts gang.

I knew that the Snoopy show was pretty accurate, partly because I know that they did a whole series of films to help children understand American history, and partly because I *do* remember some American history myself.  But as we’ve been reading about the Pilgrims and the Mayflower, I’ve found myself a little surprised at just how accurate and detailed The Mayflower Voyagers is.

Turkey and Bunny had been piping up with answers here and there, during our readings, which I know is thanks to Snoopy.  So, I decided to test their knowledge a little further.  We were talking about the building done at Plymouth Rock, and I know that they mention the “Common House” (the first building at the settlement) quite a few times in the course of The Mayflower Voyagers.  So, right before we got to that section of our reading, I asked them if they knew what the first building the Pilgrims put up was.  Turkey didn’t remember, but Bunny promptly and confidently answered “a dog house!”

Maybe Snoopy isn’t as accurate as I thought.

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