Good News and Bad News

Did you know that there is a Lion Storyteller Christmas Book?

The Good News:  While browsing at the local public library last night (which can be a very hit or miss kind of situation!), I stumbled across The Lion Storyteller Christmas Book.  I, of course, checked it out immediately.  The Lion Storyteller Bedtime Book is a favorite of both the children and myself in school (especially the tiger stories!), and I had no idea that there could be more Lion Storyteller books.  Never even crossed my mind.

The great thing about these books is that they are stories from around the world.  Some are familiar, some aren’t, but the illustrations are really fun, and we love finding all the countries on the world map.  As a matter of fact, I can give most of the credit for my children’s surprising geographical knowledge to Lion Storyteller.

After flipping through the Christmas version last night, I was not disappointed.  Bible stories, folk tales (some that are familiar, like the story of “Silent Night,” and some completely new to me), traditions around the world.  I’m so excited about reading some of these during “Christmas school’; as a matter of fact, I’d love this book to become part of our “permanent collection.”

The Bad News:  The Lion Storyteller books are published in England, and it appears that the Christmas one is no longer available for purchase in any American markets.  Sure, I could ship it from England, but I don’t even want to know how much that would cost (not to mention I know nothing of the exchange rate, so I really don’t even know how much they want for the book, American-dollars-wise!).

So, I’m going to hope that I can grab it from the library every year, and the heck with anyone else that wants to read it!  See, this is why I hate depending on the library for seasonal books–they don’t have a lot of them to begin with, and I’m either going to be the person who didn’t get ahold of it, or I’m going to be “that guy”–you know, the person who makes it impossible for anyone else to actually enjoy the book.  Oh well…I can live with that!

2 thoughts on “Good News and Bad News

  1. Houdini says:

    I just checked the Japanese Amazon site and there is a place selling the Christmas one “new” in IL.
    Did you know they have a Bible story one too? I wonder if it’s any good…

  2. I just saw the Bible story book on Amazon–I may see if our library has that one, too. The Bible stories in the Christmas book look pretty good (the Matthew and Luke Christmas accounts are broken down into probably ten or so short stories), so if it’s on par with those, it’s probably good.

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