Is This Weird?

Is it weird to continue homeschooling if one of your children *needs* to be sent to the local public school?

This is clearly a struggle of mine right now.  Obviously, I have no crystal ball, so I don’t know if Moose will ever be able to be home schooled.  But right now, I’m working under the assumption that because of his delays, he may always need to go to the public school, maybe even in a special class.  And even if he gets caught up, I’m also aware that his speech delays make him more likely to have difficulty learning to read, something that I may not be able to help him with.  So, it’s easier on me to assume that he won’t be home schooled, and just hope that maybe someday, I’ll be pleasantly surprised.

But this is a weird area for me.  If he keeps going to the public school, what happens if Turkey and Bunny (and eventually Ladybug) decide that they want to go to school there, too?  Or, what if Moose hates that he has to go to school while his siblings stay home (which would break my heart)?  I know that as a parent I have to make decisions for the benefit of my children that they may not like, but it’s still weird.  And what if I also don’t like the decisions I have to make?  Why does this all have to be so hard?

It makes sense that they would all go to school at the same place.  Well, maybe not exactly the same place, because depending on the year, eventually they’d be spread out between elementary, junior high, and high schools.  But it would be strange to send one to private school and the rest to public–it’s equally strange to me to think of sending one to public school and keeping the rest at home.

And then there’s the whole financial aspect.  Homeschooling is expensive.  I suppose I could look for a different curriculum, but we really like Sonlight, so…  But finances are already tight, and it’s not like they’re going to get better any time soon, what with the economy and all.  And then I think that if all four of them were in school, I could get a job during the day, and actually help with finances, so not only could we save money by not having to buy curriculum, I could actually be bringing some money in.  I didn’t think of these things before, but now that Moose needs to be in school, I’m realizing how close I am to having all four of them in school–Turkey and Bunny could be in school all day right now at the public school if I wanted, so that just leaves a few years before Ladybug starts school, at which time I could actually be monetarily useful to this family again.  

But, I love homeschooling.  In some ways, it would be easier not to, but of all the things I wish I could get rid of in my life (cleaning being at the top of the list!), homeschooling is the last thing I would want to drop.  I love watching Turkey and Bunny learn, I love challenging them,  I love making sure they’re learning both what is important, and what is personally interesting to them.  But I can’t do that for Moose, at least not right now, and maybe not ever.  So, is this situation weird?  Why does this all have to be so complicated?

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  1. Amanda,

    I have never understood why Moose is in the public school system to be begin with. …and after reading the previous post, I’m even more confused. I remember something about the doctor (or someone) “requiring” him to be in school, but even that felt odd to me.

    I know many Sonlight moms who homeschool *because* their child has special needs. I don’t know your situation or what has happened, but from my completely ignorant vantage point the fact that Moose is in school feels odd. Granted, I’m no expert on this subject, but if you haven’t brought up these concerns with the women on the forums, I strongly suggest you do so. They will have more insights and experiences from which to draw.

    You are right that homeschooling is expensive. The beautiful thing about Sonlight is that after you purchase one Core, it is reusable for the next three kids… and you have a great library. I know that finances are a reality–boy, do I know that–but I’m rooting that you keep going with what you love [smile].

    And you are not the only one to have students in both the public school and at home. One of my good blogging friends, Mrs. C, is in such a situation and homeschools her special needs sons. If you’d like to strike up a conversation with her, hop on over to her blog. She uses A Beka, so she can give you a perspective outside of the Sonlight community [smile].

    May you continue to find answers to your questions, support for your needs, and peace in whatever choice you make.


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