Christmas 2008

I don’t normally post pictures of the children, but here are a few photos of our Christmas celebrations for those who are interested:


Trying to get a nice picture of all four children, which is almost impossible, anyway…notice that it’s the baby on the attack, while Bunny looks like she’s trying to pretend she’s not related to any of them!


Moose is a little blurry, and Ladybug had to be distracted with a candy cane, but not a bad photo of the four of them, considering.


Turkey and Bunny (aka Joseph and an angel) dressed and ready for the big dress rehearsal for the Christmas program to be held on Christmas Eve.


Ladybug ready for church…who wants to tell her she can’t take the bag of blocks with her?


Moose all dressed up, and inspecting the Christmas tree, as was his job all Christmas season.


Turkey and Bunny in a rare peaceful and sweet moment together…even with the excitement of the program being only an hour away. Too bad their costumes had to cover up their Christmas clothes, although, the costumes were cute, too!

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