Book Review: “Kiss”

I’m not normally one to pick up a mystery novel.  Don’t usually like them, for whatever reason.  But Kiss makes me want to go out and get more of Ted Dekker’s books–it was that good.  I really enjoyed Shauna’s quest to discover what happened to her in the “missing” six months of her life and who was really responsible for the accident that disabled her brother and stole her memories, as well as her struggle to determine whom she could trust.

The pacing was excellent–it was the type of book you want to stay up until two in the morning reading (and I very nearly did!). The suspense was great–I couldn’t get a handle on who the bad guys really were until close to the end of the book. There was political intrigue, amnesia, money-laundering and murder–everything you would want out of a good suspense story.  Parts of the plot were a bit far-fetched, but it is fiction, after all.

My only real criticism is that the Christian theme is a little weak for a Christian publisher.  Shauna’s faith (or lack thereof) was only mentioned in passing through most of the book, and the way the issue was resolved in the end was a little too anti-climactic.

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