Nothing New Under the Sun

Well, it’s finally happened.  We’ve (and by that, I mostly mean me) been bitten by the Webkinz bug.  I guess it had to happen eventually…

Turkey got a Webkinz lion from his godmother for his birthday.  He likes the lion because it’s small, cute, and cuddly. He is kind of interested in the website, but some of it is too hard for him yet, and he really doesn’t want to sit around through 50 questions, so guess who is earning money for his lion’s food and house?  Yep, mommy to the rescue.  I have to admit, it’s rather entertaining.  Take a quiz, get some fake money, buy some virtual furniture for your room.  We have a football theme going on in Leo’s (his lion) room, so we have to make enough money to buy a sofa, a table, etc. (we already got the important stuff like the bed and the football fridge. Do lions need a fridge?). Turkey answers the questions that he can, and I do the rest.  We make quite a team!

Don’t think I don’t know that this is basically just Beanie Babies re-incarnated.  Sure, the Ty version didn’t have any computer stuff (at least not when they were all the rage–I have no idea about now), but it’s the same hunt to find the one you want at the store, figure out which ones are retired, which ones are really hot…

Everything comes back into vogue, one way or another.

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