Home Again

I went up and visited my mom today (more on that later).  She has been insistent that I not come, but she had a “memory episode” yesterday, in which, at times, she thought that she was at home putting groceries away, or thought it was 25 years ago, and she had three small children (I’m an only child), so I decided that I had to go.

Fortunately, the memory problem had been corrected.  They think it was either the result of a fever, or a new medication she was on.  I was very grateful for that, because, while I’m happy she never forgot I was her daughter, I was a little nervous about what would happen if I showed up and she expected my to be a five-year-old.  That would have been quite a shock to her, I imagine!

She looked better than I was expecting–her color was good, and the bloating that I guess had been a problem because of fluid retention was gone.  But she’s hooked up to a lot of stuff.  Oxygen mask, more IV bags than I could count, BP monitor, etc.  It sounds like it could be a good week (if all goes well), before she’s released.  And she’s definitely weak and tired.

So, I think she’s getting better (although I thought that before!), but she’s going to have a long recovery.  It’s rather ironic, because she’s been in the hospital longer for what should have been a routine appendectomy than she was following emergency brain surgery for a ruptured aneurysm ten years ago.  Weird how the body can work.

Your prayers have been greatly appreciated, and if you think to, any continued prayers are also much needed.

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