Spring has Sprung?

I love, more than anything, the change of seasons.  I will still stand by my claim that Autumn is my favorite of the seasons, but it’s the change in the air that I really love, and that holds true as we transition from Winter to Spring.

The daffodils are actually almost done, but now my tulips look like they’ll be opening any day.  As I had forgotten what color tulips I had planted last year, I have been very happy to see that they’re some variety of red, as far as I can tell from looking at the outsides.

Our pretty little Japanese cherry tree that we planted last year is full of flowers (which I imagine will starting falling off soon), and now little leaves are beginning to pop out.  The nectarine tree that I bought this week, while still in it’s bucket from Lowe’s, has a ton of leaves.  A lot of the flowers have already dropped, but what are left are a very pretty pink/purple color…a nice contrast to the mostly white/only lightly pink flowers on the cherry tree.  I can’t wait to see if we can hope for fruit in the tree’s first year–I’m not expecting it, but part of me is hoping for a nice surprise.

I know that Spring isn’t quite ready to “stick” yet…I saw a headline with the dreaded “s-word” (snow, in case you wondering), and it’s not near warm enough over night for me to do any real planting in the vegetable beds.  Still, warm days (and nights) are on the way, and I’m making my plans, and enjoying all of the beauty God includes when He makes the seasons change.

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