Making Progress

Moose is making a lot of progress in his speech.  Don’t get me wrong, he’s still hard to understand, and he’s lacking spontaneous speech–asking for something, telling you what’s bothering him, the basics of conversation.  But he is making great improvements in identifying objects and repeating words when asked to.  He even said his own name for the first time this weekend!  His homework assignments (which involve a lot of identification, of objects, colors, and shapes) are getting easier for him to accomplish.  There’s now verifiable evidence of things we knew all along–that he understands what we’re saying to him, that he knows things like colors and shapes, that he can follow directions.

We still have a long road ahead of us, because he does need to be able to talk spontaneously, and tell us his wants and needs, and it would be helpful if others, outside his immediate family and teachers, could understand him when he does talk.  But he’s made great leaps in his language development since he started school in November, and I am very grateful for the work his teachers and therapists have put into helping him.

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