Book Review: “What Does the Bible Say About That?”

Even though I use a curriculum I love, I’m always looking for supplementary resources to use in homeschooling. Although What Does the Bible Say About That? by Carolyn Larsen isn’t specifically a book for homeschoolers, it could be very useful to our family in our school Bible time, as well as useful to non-homeschooling families who wish to teach their children more about God’s Word during family devotions.

This book covers 300 topics, from abandonment to worship, and all kinds of stuff in between.  It’s written to kids and for kids, with a very down to earth style.  Each topic poses a question:  “What Does the Bible Say about Homework?” for example.  The question is followed by several relevant Bible verses, an honest, practical look at the issue at hand, and a personal challenge (Today I Will…Finish my homework, then turn on the TV, video game, or tunes. I will work first–play later!).  Many of the topics also feature a cute and humorous illustration that drives home the point.

Although this book is written directly to children, and is specified for ages 8-12, I would encourage parental involvement in the use of this book.  Some of the topics (dating, drinking, unborn children, to name a few) are a little heavy for eight-year-olds.  And even for the children on the upper end of the recommended age spectrum, I still feel this book would best be used in a family setting, to facilitate discussion, and encourage children to share their thoughts and feelings.  At the least, parents can use this book if their children have questions about the Bible that they themselves don’t have an answer for–there’s a pretty good chance they’ll find something here!

I think this is a great idea for a resource.  Of course, not everyone will agree with everything in the book, but at the least, it will get children (and hopefully whole families) to think about what they believe, and try to challenge themselves to live as the Bible commands us.

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