A Milestone, Sort Of

We still have a few weeks of Sonlight’s Core P 4/5, so I can’t say we’ve finished (survived?) our first year of homeschooling yet. That will come when we’ve finished the whole core, and I can say Turkey and Bunny have moved on from Kindergarten to First Grade (how did that happen so fast, anyway?).

But this week we are finishing Language Arts K.  I began realizing about a month ago–maybe six weeks–that Turkey and Bunny were getting bored, that the pacing of L.A. K was getting to be too slow.  So I accelerated the program considerably (one of the many benefits of Sonlight–it’s so easy to adjust the pacing to fit your children), and this week we’ll be done with it, and next week we’ll be moving on to L.A. 1.

It’s a weird feeling knowing we’ve finished something. I had so many doubts about my abilities to teach them when we started last year–I was so afraid that I wouldn’t be able to teach them to read; that I’d have to admit defeat and send them to the public school.

Don’t get me wrong, I have a whole new set of doubts and fears as I look at L.A. 1, and all of the new stuff that will be my responsibility to teach (and don’t even get me started on my fears relating to the Core K that I ordered yesterday!). Now that we’ve been doing this for almost a year, and we’ve actually successfully completed something, I am gaining confidence in myself, in them, and in my choice of curriculum (which was never really in question, but it’s nice to have that kind of confirmation).

Next stop–saying goodbye to Kindergarten!

One thought on “A Milestone, Sort Of

  1. Awesome! May Kindergarten be even better [smile].

    And, don't forget: There are many places you can get encouragement and support if you start to feel overwhelmed (and who of us doesn't feel overwhelmed from time to time?)

    Here's to your homeschooling journey! [smile]


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