Blogger Brain

Please tell me other people suffer from this!

I’ve discovered that blogging is seeping into other parts of my life.  For example, when I read or hear something that irritates me, I immediately begin creating an argument or response in my mind–in blog format.

When one of my children does something amusing, I immediately try to find the best way to convey their humor in a written format, so that other people can enjoy the moment.

Every book I read is immediately placed into a mental blog review, whether I actually intend to blog about it or not (and, as hard as it is to believe, I read way more books than I actually review).

The worst one–ever since blogging about my children using cute little nicknames for them, I find that I have to really watch myself when scrapbooking, or instead of using their actual names in journaling, I will write their blog nicknames, because I’m so conditioned to do it by now!

Every big, personal train-of-thought I have (I would certainly never call it talking to myself!) is immediately put into a blog format–and I find myself falling into a similar trap because of Twitter–with all of my smaller thoughts, I find myself trying to see if I can get them to fit into 140 characters or less.

This is what technology is doing to me–anyone else?

One thought on “Blogger Brain

  1. Blogging has certainly helped me keep my eyes open for blogable topics throughout my days, but I don't write posts in my head. That's now how I write. I will grab an idea–and hopefully jot it down so I don't forget–and then write about it later.


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