A Brush with Greatness

There is nothing quite so exciting as having one of your favorite actors reply to you on Twitter!

I have loved Sterling K. Brown in a whole bunch of things, including Army Wives and Frozen 2, but I think Randall Pearson was my favorite character he played, so having him respond to me about This is Us was a particular thrill!

Blogger Brain

Please tell me other people suffer from this!

I’ve discovered that blogging is seeping into other parts of my life.  For example, when I read or hear something that irritates me, I immediately begin creating an argument or response in my mind–in blog format.

When one of my children does something amusing, I immediately try to find the best way to convey their humor in a written format, so that other people can enjoy the moment.

Every book I read is immediately placed into a mental blog review, whether I actually intend to blog about it or not (and, as hard as it is to believe, I read way more books than I actually review).

The worst one–ever since blogging about my children using cute little nicknames for them, I find that I have to really watch myself when scrapbooking, or instead of using their actual names in journaling, I will write their blog nicknames, because I’m so conditioned to do it by now!

Every big, personal train-of-thought I have (I would certainly never call it talking to myself!) is immediately put into a blog format–and I find myself falling into a similar trap because of Twitter–with all of my smaller thoughts, I find myself trying to see if I can get them to fit into 140 characters or less.

This is what technology is doing to me–anyone else?