Giving In

Back when we had a laptop, in addition to a desktop computer, Ryan would try to convince me that “when we had the money” we should get a second laptop, so we could each have one.  And every time he said it, I would scoff.  Why in the world would I need my own laptop?  One should be enough for both of us, right?

Well, as I’m looking at stuff we’re going to be doing in school this year, and even looking down the road a few years, I’m realizing how helpful it would be for me to have my own laptop.  Not my own, really, a “school” laptop. Something that we could use during school, to look stuff up, to use all the wonderful Internet-linked materials Usborne provides in many of their books, to have a place to type up all my plans for special units, long-term ideas, etc.

It wouldn’t really even *have* to be a laptop, but that would be easiest since the school room is already a bit crowded, what with it’s second purpose as a guest bedroom.  I’m not sure where I could squeeze a desktop computer in there.  And it definitely wouldn’t have to be fancy, because I don’t care about bells and whistles like Ryan does.  I have come to accept that it *will* have to be an Apple computer of some sort, as I’m pretty sure Ryan won’t let anything else into the house these days.

I have to admit, I would enjoy the added benefit of being able to check my e-mail, make blog posts, and put up tweets while Turkey and Abby are doing independent work, without having to run downstairs.  But that’s just me looking for a bonus convenience feature.

If they were in a public school, they’d have a computer in their classroom, right?  It seems only fair, and actually pretty necessary–don’t even get me started on future things like typing lessons and Rosetta Stone foreign language programs. Eventually, a school computer *will* become a necessity, even if right now it’s just something that would make our lives easier, and allow us to look stuff up without interrupting school to go downstairs.

I never thought I would come to the point where I wanted “my own” computer. But, until we replace the laptop that went to that big electronics graveyard in the sky over the winter, I guess it’s really a moot point.  Hard to get a second laptop when you don’t even have a first!

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  1. Almost everything I do is on a computer–and online–these days, so not having my own computer is really rough when I'm not at home. It's crazy how dependent I've become on having my own machine [smile].

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