Book Review: “100 Bible Stories, 100 Bible Songs”

I think 100 Bible Stories, 100 Bible Songs by Stephen Elkins is a cool, somewhat unusual idea for a Bible storybook. Instead of having only child-length Bible stories, it also comes with 2 CDs that have songs that accompany each story.  There’s a nice combination of songs, hymns, and spiritual songs, and also a good combination of old favorites (for our family, anyway), and new songs.

The stories presented in the Bible are short, even for a children’s Bible, which I guess is because the songs are included, and take up some normal reading time.  The children singing on the CD are cute and likable.  My own children really like the music, and enjoy looking at new Bible illustrations, even if the stories are already familiar to them, and shorter and less detailed than they are used to.

My only complaint is the way the CDs are packaged.  They are almost impossible to get out of the book and their vinyl envelope within it without damaging them.  I guess there are no alternative ways to pack a set of CDs in a book, but I could see the discs becoming damaged easily, thus defeating the purpose of the songs along *with* the stories.

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