Faith Like a Child

Tonight, at bedtime, Turkey looks a me in that very serious way he has and says “I have something important to tell you. It’s something that’s really true.”

Now, I wasn’t sure what to expect next (the use of the word true always makes my mommy radar go up!), so I was a little hesitant as I told him to go ahead.

“Mommy, even if we can’t understand what Moose is saying, there’s one person who always can. God. He knows everything, so he always understands Moose.”

His faith puts mine to shame. I spend a lot of my time worrying about Moose’s future, what he’ll be able to do, if he’ll make friends, and on on, and Turkey just comforts himself knowing that God always understands his little brother, even when Turkey can’t.

Sometimes, the six-year-old understands a lot more than the adult.

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