Bye-Bye Diaper Bag


After almost seven years, and at least six different models, I am diaper bag free!

This is not to say that our house is diaper free–not by a long shot. But, as I no longer need bibs and burp cloths, bottles, jars of baby food, or small toys, I came to the realization that the bulky, ugly diaper bag was really no longer necessary.

Of course, this meant I needed to buy a new purse. I have a few small purses, but I do still need something that can accommodate a few diapers and a wipes case. I settled on a bag from Target, actually marketed as a “work tote,” that’s large enough to hold a laptop. I found that the laptop pouch is the perfect size for a few diapers and wipes, and the rest of the bag is well-organized for all *my* stuff.


I haven’t really downgraded size-wise–it’s still a pretty big bag. But it’s more streamlined, and definitely looks much more fashionable!

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