Catching Up

I feel like that’s all I’ve been doing since Christmas…catching up. Catching up on the cleaning (still not really done), catching up on laundry (which is *never* done!), catching up on bills (almost let a few of those sneak by me in all the busyness–oops), catching up on sleep (not a chance!).

Now we’re back to school, and we’re catching up on that, too. We had almost five full weeks of special units before our two week Christmas vacation, so it feels like there’s a lot we have to reach back and remember, including what our normal routine looks like. I know it won’t take long before we’re fully into things again, but right now, it just feels like everything is a bit off.

We did have a wonderful Christmas, and a wonderful few weeks of school leading up to Christmas. I hope to share some of my Christmas school experiences later this week, but catching up on blogging is pretty far down on my list of things to do–the Christmas decorations being put away is my next big task!

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