Homeschool Review: “Liberty’s Kids”

We finished watching the Liberty’s Kids series on DVD last week, and I can’t find enough good things to say about it! It was a great introduction to early American history for Turkey and Bunny (and Ladybug, who insisted on watching with them)–they are now familiar with the major players and places in the Revolutionary War.

The story uses a group of fictional characters–mostly children–to interact with real people in American history to tell the story of the American revolution, often from the perspective of an aspiring journalist. Turkey and Bunny loved these characters, but even more than that, they loved learning about the real characters that fought and founded our country. Turkey is fascinated with George Washington and the Battle of Yorktown, while Bunny was thrilled to learn about women such as Abigail Adams, “Molly Pitcher,” and Sybil Luddington, who impacted the war in their own unique ways.

I discovered that I also learned a great deal from the series. I don’t know if I just forgot that much of what I learned in school, or if my education wasn’t that in-depth, but I picked up on many new details, and have a greater understanding of the bigger picture of the things that affected the war. I suppose I should be embarrassed that I learned so much from a children’s show, but learning is learning, and I’ll take it any way I can!

I highly recommend this series to anyone who has a child that they want to help learn about the key points of the Revolutionary War. I only hope that someday, the rumored Civil War edition of this show might be produced!

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