No Microwave: Day Two

The search for a new microwave began. I didn’t like any of the styles available at Home Depot (although the price for installation was right), and Lowes proved to be too expensive. Sears had a possibility– it even matched our current appliances in brand and look, but I wasn’t thrilled with the total cost of appliance and installation, so I moved on to Best Buy. There, I found my favorite microwave so far (except it was stainless), but even though the tag said that it *is* available in black, to match our kitchen, there wasn’t one on display, so I didn’t know how much it would cost. I couldn’t get anyone to help me in the store, and when we tried to call when we got home, there was no answer. Weird…they must not want our business.

Dinner was leftover brisket, which I heated on the stove top. Next time, I think I should try to heat it *in* the oven, because it stuck a bit more than I expected in the pan.

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