The Start of a New Year

Tomorrow marks the beginning of the third year of our journey in homeschooling. I can’t believe we’ve been at it so long! Turkey and Bunny will be second graders, so I guess that makes me a second grade teacher.

One of my favorite things to do the night before the first day of school is assemble all the books that we’ll be using that week (and only that week, you should see the rest of the books we have for the whole year!) on the schoolroom table so that they’re waiting for them in the morning, Christmas style.

This year, since they each have so many workbooks (seven!!!), supplies, and their very own My First Catechisms, I also made a stack on each side of the table where they sit, with all of their very own things.

I took a picture of all my assembled teacher materials, too. It’s a little intimidating to look at them all sitting together!

The schoolroom is all clean and organized (for now, anyway)–I’m very happy with what I’ve been able to put together, even though I know I’m going to have to seriously rework things in a year or two when Ladybug starts school.

Yes, it doubles as a guest room, but the bed makes a great place to spread out all of the books we’re currently using!

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