Some Perspective, Please!

That what I think some people desperately need to get–perspective.

I’ve been watching Platinum Weddings. I really have no good excuse for this, other than it’s a classic train wreck scenario.

Featured in one episode (yes, all of this occurred in one couple’s wedding!) was an engagement ring that cost as much as our house, a linens budget equal to the price of our new minivan (and it’s not like you even get to keep them!), and an overall wedding budget that is approximately the same as what my husband will make in 20 *years* of work.

Plus, the bride “needed” almost as many different dresses for her one “big day” as I have in my entire wardrobe! Do you really need separate dresses for the waltz and the rumba? Perhaps they’re getting married on Dancing with the Stars? And that doesn’t even include the other two dresses the bride insists she “needs!” Oh yeah, and different hairstyles to accommodate each dress. Are the guests really willing to sit around waiting while the bride has her hair done multiple times? Mine sure wouldn’t have been!

I’m sure filet mignon makes for an elegant dinner, but can you imagine the cost? Especially for 150 guests! And someone should really tell people that squab is just a *pigeon* before they shell out the big bucks to serve it for their wedding.

I refuse to believe America’s economy is in that much trouble when people who are my age can throw away that much money on one day!

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