One thing I enjoy about homeschooling is watching Turkey and Bunny’s reactions to the things we read and do, and seeing how those reactions are different.

We’ve been reading Charlotte’s Web for the last few weeks. Now, I’ve read it before, so of course I knew how it would end, but Turkey and Bunny were completely unfamiliar with the story, so I was curious to see how they’d respond to it, especially the ending.

Bunny reacted just the way I thought she would. There was much crying and lamenting over the fact that Charlotte died, and Wilbur lost his best friend. She was actually quite inconsolable for awhile. That’s basically how I remembered feeling the first time I read the book, so no surprise there.

Turkey had a completely different response. He was a little sad about Charlotte, but he was also much more pragmatic. He figured that since Charlotte had left her egg sac with Wilbur, and they would hatch soon, that made Charlotte’s death OK, or at least bearable.

I hope there’s no correlation there to the value that he places on me!

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  1. [smile] Yes, my siblings and I all have completely different personalities, and so how we responded to the various books we read differed. Of course, for most of the books, we all agreed that my mom/dad should “keep reading” [smile].


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