More Progress

Today Moose’s speech therapist stopped me in the hall–apparently she had been waiting to talk to me, and had even considered calling me over the weekend, because she had some news she really wanted to share. She told me that she couldn’t believe the progress Moose has made in speech, even since the end of May!

She’s impressed with how much more he’s talking, which was no surprise to me. He has been talking more (sometimes non-stop), and while I like being reassured that he is improving, I was fairly certain that I couldn’t have imagined how much more he has to say now.

The thing that was really great to hear, though, was how much improvement she thinks he’s made in speaking in a way that is understandable to others. This is a really hard thing for us to measure at home, because we listen to him all the time, and all of us, from Ladybug on up, have gotten used to interpreting the unique ways he says some things. So while I want to believe that he is pronouncing more correctly, enunciating more clearly, and is just overall easier to understand, I’m hardly an impartial judge of the matter. His therapist, though, is familiar with how he’s been talking (or not, in the beginning at least) for almost two years, but she’s also had a few months away from him, so she can judge his progress better.

I’m so grateful for all the help he is able to receive at school–while public school may not be the best place for Turkey and Bunny, it is most definitely the best place for Moose to get the help he needs.

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