Blue Angels

In 2008, we got to see the Thunderbirds perform at Scott Air Force Base (awesome!). In 2009, we saw the Canadian Snowbirds at Scott (totally different, but also awesome!). This year, we went to SAFB to see the Blue Angels (still totally awesome!).

The Whole Squadron

I never tire of air shows. Actually, going to air shows has really become one of our “family things.” I think we’ve been to one every year for at least the last five years, and I’m still always blown away by the stunts the pilots are capable of. I gasp every time they pass each other with what looks like only centimeters to spare. I wonder how they ever learn to do all those stunts (safely) in the first place. I ponder the fact that every time we see a group perform, we’re only one misstep away from seeing a tragedy unfold in front of our eyes.

And yet, it’s always been fantastic. There have never been any mistakes, only what always look like near-misses to me, but are actually carefully scripted parts of the show. Seeing our military’s best pilots also always serves to remind me how proud I am to be an American.

This year, we even had a little humor injected in the show–we got to see “Fat Albert” fly before the Blue Angel squadron took off. This C-130 is the work horse of the Blue Angels, and despite its size, is still painted in the Blue Angels’ colors. I was very amused by the name, and it was fun to see a different part of their group in the air–I don’t think we got to see anything like that with either the Thunderbirds or the Snowbirds.

“Fat Albert”

Everyone should have the chance to see a precision group fly like that at least once in their life. I make a point every year to tell my children how fortunate they are to have seen so many!

“Fat Albert’s” Belly

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