(School) Week in Review

This week was week seven of second grade. I can’t believe we’ve been at it that long already! We’ve gotten to learn a lot of great stuff so far this year, and there’s more to come–it’s very exciting!

Religion–We learned about Joseph this week. I used this as an opportunity to talk to Turkey and Bunny about how God can use bad things for good, and about forgiveness. We also reviewed the seventh commandment and its meaning.

Math–We’ve added thousands numbers to our repertoire, and we’ve also begun carrying to the hundreds place. These aren’t really new concepts–just concepts we’ve already learned, used in a different way, so Turkey and Bunny haven’t had too much trouble with it.

Language Arts–Turkey and Bunny finished reading the whole Beginner’s Bible–next week they read Owl at Home. These books are way below their reading level, but it’s good practice for them to read aloud, and they need the writing practice that comes with this level of language arts, so we’re sticking with it. They also finished Explode the Code book five, and have started the regular weekly lessons in spelling and handwriting (it was all review up until this week).

History–The first six weeks of school were kind of a review of world cultures; this week we got started on world history. We learned all about what archaeologists do this week, and about “cave people.” Next week, we really get into recorded ancient history, and start reading A Child’s History of the World.

Science–We’ve continued to learn about animals–we finished up animals of South America, and have moved on to North America. On science experiment Thursdays, we continued to learn about magnets, and this week we even got to play with iron filings–very fun!

Read AloudsHomer Price has been finished, and we moved on to Mr. Popper’s Penguins. I loved this book as a child, and I knew Turkey would love it, too–penguins are his favorite animal. I have not been disappointed–we’re all looking forward to read-aloud time every day!

Independent Reading–Turkey has finished The Complete Adventures of Charlie and Willy Wonka (which is just both of the Willy Wonka books in one neat volume) and Ramona the Brave. Now he’s started Farmer Boy and Ramona and her Father. Bunny finished Little Farm in the Ozarks, and has started In the Land of the Big Red Apple. She is also more than halfway through The Complete Adventures of Charlie and Willy Wonka, and she just started it when Turkey finished!

Of course, this doesn’t list *everything* we’ve done this week–just a general overview. We’ve gotten this school year off to a great start, and I can’t wait to see what we’ll learn next!

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