I played Monopoly with Turkey and Bunny tonight. Their different approaches to the game, as with everything else they do, are very amusing to me!

Bunny has completely missed the point of the game–namely, acquiring as much as possible. Yes, she’s been buying properties (more than she should with the money she has left, really), but she’s completely clueless about the money. If she lands on your property and owes you $60, she’ll give you a $100, and tell you to keep it, “just for fun.” Her money was all in a pile in front of her, not organized in any fashion, not even stacked neatly–just like a random pile of leaves. It made for some interesting times when she needed to pay for something!

Turkey is, in contrast, completely methodical about the game (shocking!). I give you photographic evidence of this, as displayed on his side of the board:

Always neat and organized…I’m not really sure where he gets that from! He also kept a close eye on the money situation. If the banker (that would be me), did not get his money fast enough after he passed go, he made sure that I heard about it.

Their approaches to this game were not at all surprising to me, and yet for some reason, I was still completely amused by it!

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