Four Little Indians

Today we started our “Thanksgiving School” studies. Our first craft was making Indian headbands. Turkey and Bunny had a great time designing and assembling their headbands, and were eager to show them off.

(In other news, I was asked *again* today if Turkey and Bunny are twins. This question neither surprises nor confuses me–as a matter of fact, most of the time, I’m tempted to just say yes. They might as well be!)

Anyway, later in the afternoon, Moose decided he wanted a headband, and Ladybug, of course, followed suit. Turkey and Bunny were only too happy to make another pair of headbands, and Moose and Ladybug were very excited about their new headwear. I even got the rare shot of all four of them, actually looking at the camera, because they were all so happy to have matching “Indian hats!”

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