The Return of the Heated Seats

When we bought our new minivan at the end of March, we had very little time left to enjoy of its fancier features–heated seats. There were a very few cold days when we got to try out this new luxury, and I loved it. But all too quickly, it became so hot that I couldn’t even bear to think about my seat being heated.

But now that Fall is here, the heated seats are back. It is almost decadent to be able to turn on the seats on a cold day (especially a cold, *rainy* day), settle in, and relax in a location that is usually more functional than comfortable. I actually find myself wanting to take the long way home, just so I can enjoy the seat for a little while longer.

I never would have sought out a car that has this feature, and I wouldn’t have intentionally paid more money for such a luxury, but I sure am glad it was an included feature of the car that was the best fit for our family!

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