Christmas School–Day Nine

Today was a light day, Christmas-wise. We had a lot going on with math and language arts, so we didn’t have a lot of time for “fun stuff.” We did read one Christmas storybook, thought–The Crippled Lamb. I have always loved this book (probably the only Max Lucado book I actually like!), but I have to admit that I have a difficult time reading it ever since Moose’s diagnosis. Whenever the little lamb thinks about how he wishes he could just fit in–well, there go the waterworks! Still, it’s a cute story, and interesting to hear the Christmas story through the eyes of a lame sheep.

Turkey and Bunny also did a little more coloring in their Christmas Around the World coloring books. Since we’ve been reading A Christmas Carol, and just got to the part where the Cratchit’s are having their Christmas goose, I chose a picture of a traditional British Christmas dinner for them to color. Turkey and Bunny were concerned because they had no idea what color the goose should be, having never eaten one before, so they were happy to know that making it roast-turkey-colored was just fine!

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