Christmas School–Day Twelve

Christmas school is starting to wind down. We have a pretty big day tomorrow, and (weather-permitting) a field trip on Thursday, but other than that, this week is pretty low-key. We have caught up to the Ghost of Christmas Future in A Christmas Carol, and Turkey and Bunny are quite anxious to find out what’s going to happen (even though they already know). Having never read the whole book myself before, I’ve also had a few moments of surprise and wonder–it’s fun to read a classic like that for the first time together!

We also read a storybook about the first Christmas–actually, it’s called The First Christmas. The story is nothing new or spectacular, but the illustrations are beautiful. And even though the story is generally the same, it’s nice to read it a few different ways over the Christmas season–gives us a little bit of a new perspective each time, I suppose. And I want to make sure that even while reading famous (and not-so-famous) Christmas legends, and Christmas classics, that we’re keeping our focus on the Reason for the Season.

Today’s activity was Christmas bingo–not just playing it, but making our own game boards. This was another great find from Celebrate Christmas Around the World. The blank game boards were included as reproducibles, (only the center, a star, was filled in), and Turkey and Bunny each got a sheet of Christmas symbols (also reproducibles) to cut out and glue on their boards at their discretion. Both secular and religious Christmas symbols were included, and there were more symbols than spots on the board, guaranteeing two very different game boards. They both love bingo, so this was a huge hit!

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