What I Do

In Sunday School this week, the pre-school class was talking about vocation. The teacher started by asking what the children want to be when they grow up, and then what their parents do. As I stay in the class with Moose, I got the pleasure of listening to the children’s responses, particularly Ladybug’s.

She started by saying she wants to be a mommy when she grows up–no surprise there. What was really funny, though, was when she started detailing what I do in a given day.

“She makes things.
She folds things.
She stays up.
She sleeps and snuggles us.”

To be honest, that about sums up an average day for me. She left out the whole teaching thing, but she covered meals and baking (making things), laundry (folding things), housework after they go to bed (staying up), and being awakened (sleeping is done) by a certain little girl at five in the morning every day (snuggles).

I love getting insight into what my children think I do around here!

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