Going with the Easy Answer

Last weekend, after Sunday school, I asked Ladybug what she had learned in her class. Usually, I have an idea of the lesson, because I’m in the class with her and Moose, (I have to shadow him), but he had one of those weeks where he just wasn’t going, so I didn’t get to hear the story.

Her immediate response was “I don’t know.” I figured she had to remember something, so I asked again. This time, she told me there was a picture of a mail truck, and they had to circle some letters. OK, at least she’s remembering something. But, I decided to press further, and see if she remembered anything she learned that was actually from the Bible, as I’m pretty sure there’s no mail truck mentioned in Scripture.

She thought hard, then said, “Ummm…Jesus?”

Yes, she went with the most generic (and likely to be right) answer she could give. And she still said it as a question.

Oh, well. At least she knows that she goes to Sunday school to learn about Jesus. And it’s better than the time I told my parents that I learned about Jesus and the Three Bears. I guess we’ll work on the details later!

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