The Reactions

Here’s a summary of the children’s reactions to the news of their forthcoming new sibling:

  • Turkey had the biggest grin I’ve ever seen on his face, then started crying, “because he was so happy!”
  • Bunny, when she wasn’t hovering over me, (which she’s been doing ever since she found out), got out a piece of paper and began composing a list of baby names she finds acceptable.
  • Moose told his teacher the good news all by himself, and also later told all of his classmates (“a baby is coming to our house in October!”).
  • Ladybug promptly offered to share her bed with the new baby, and was quite disappointed (and disbelieving) when told that it doesn’t really work that way. She also said she’d show the baby her stuffed pony, which is quite a generous offer coming from her!

So, the reactions were as we’d hoped–everyone is thrilled! I quite honestly wasn’t sure how Moose would take the news, or if he’d even “get it,” but he seems to, at least as well as any five-year-old does. We were also a little worried Ladybug would be upset at losing her status as the baby, but for now, at least, she’s just excited to get to be a big sister. As for Turkey and Bunny, we knew how happy they would be–after all, they’re old pros at this new sibling business!

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