Tasty Tuesday–O’Charley’s

Did you know that children eat free at O’Charley’s? It was news to me!

Turkey wanted to go someplace he’d never been for his birthday dinner, so I came up with some options for him, and showed him the various menus. He picked O’Charley’s because they have both mini corn dogs and fried shrimp on the children’s menu, and these are two of his favorite “eating out” meals. It had been a very long time since I’d been to O’Charley’s, so I was looking forward to it as well (especially those delicious rolls!).

After we were seated, Turkey started looking over the children’s menu. All of the sudden, he says to me, “This isn’t going to cost as much as I thought.” I thought that was kind of a weird statement, so I asked him what he meant. It was then that he showed me those beautiful words on the back of his menu: “kids eat free.” And a generous kids eat free, at that–two children per paying adult, instead of the usual one. That ratio worked out well for our family!

Yes, you do have to pay for children’s drinks. But even after all four of them got something, that was only $8 total, which is a lot better than the usual $16-20 we’d pay for all of their meals at any other chain restaurant! (Not that they’re not worth it–I just love saving money!)

So, the children enjoyed their meals, the adults also enjoyed the selections, and who can complain about the final bill? Plus, we had a coupon for a free appetizer for “liking” them on Facebook, and they let us use that, too! Definitely a place we’ll go back to in the future, whenever our budget might allow!

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