Yesterday morning, (very early in the morning!), when we were upstairs watching the Royal Wedding, I heard a loud “thump” on the roof. It was particularly noticeable because I heard it through the roof, as well as through the open window.

This would have been disconcerting, had it not been immediately obvious what had happened. Following the thump, there was a furious flapping of wings, and then some very irritated sounding honking, (if honking can have an irate tone), which faded off into the distance.

Yes, a goose had crashed into our roof. I’m assuming it’s OK, as it flew off on its own, so I didn’t feel too bad when I laughed out loud. How often does that really happen? I’ve heard of birds flying into clean windows, but a goose crashing into the roof? We must have some very clumsy geese around here!

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