It’s Not Really Sliding

It’s baseball season again, and Turkey is very excited about his first year playing with the pitching machine. One thing that’s been on his mind is whether or not they’ll be allowed to slide into base this year, (it was forbidden in t-ball), so that’s the first thing he asked his new coach.

To Turkey’s disappointment, the coach’s official answer was “no sliding.” To my amusement, though, Turkey doesn’t really get reading between the lines.

There is no sliding in the robat league, according to league rules.


According to the coach, a lot of times, you “accidentally” end up sliding when approaching home plate. You know, because you’re going so fast and all. So, if you find that you’re going too fast, and you may “fall down,” you just let yourself drift, and make sure that you “fall down” feet first, not head first, because you don’t want to get dirt up your nose.

But sliding isn’t allowed. Nope. So we definitely wouldn’t want to teach them how to slide correctly or anything, because they don’t need to know that!

I like Turkey’s coach already!

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