An Early Mother’s Day

We celebrated Mother’s Day a day early today–at the ballpark!

I think these seats were the best ones we’ve had at Busch Stadium so far. They were on the top deck, but they didn’t feel as high up as the last time we went. We were also on the third base side of home, so our view of the game was awesome! The skyline view was equally as awesome–especially the Arch. It’s also the first time we’ve really had a good view of the arch mirrored in the grass of the outfield, which has always amused me as far as ballpark aesthetics go.

The day was perfect–sunny and in the low 70s, with a nice breeze. It was also hat day, which was fun, and I think the hats are actually really cool. The only downside to the game was the fact that the Cards lost. I think Moose’s face sums up how we all felt about that!

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