The Mystery of the Lost Sock

Yesterday, one of my children, (who shall remain nameless), “lost” a sock while getting dressed. After much looking, the sock was still nowhere to be found, and said child finally just grabbed another sock out of the drawer and put it on.

Notice that the child was not worried about the location of the missing sock. I can’t say I shared that carefree reaction–I lose enough socks to the black hole that is the dryer, without losing more “somewhere.” Plus, it was making me crazy thinking that there was a sock lying around, just waiting to be found and put away. I did look for it, but I couldn’t locate it anywhere, so I finally gave up, too.

The mystery of the sock became apparent at bedtime, however. When the aforementioned child was removing the socks, we discovered that one small foot had two socks on it, one on top of the other. To top it off, another child admitted to having done the same thing in the past, but was quick to add that in that situation, the sock problem was discovered and remedied in short order.

I’m both relieved that the sock has been found, and amused at its location!

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