Wrapping Up

Today begins our last week of second grade. I can’t believe we’re completing our third year of homeschooling!

It won’t be a terribly intensive week. Just a few stories left in our Bible storybook, and the corresponding workbook pages. Our math is pretty much review at this point, although we do have a big test at the end of the week. We have to finish up our phonics and handwriting workbooks, but again, at this point, we’re just reviewing what we’ve learned this year. We have a few pages left in our science book, (and we just happen to be studying space, which is great for everybody!), and a few chapters left in A Child’s History of the World. Latin is the only area where we’ll be doing a regular workload, and maybe even getting a little more challenging, as we start learning the “I Can” verbs.

We do have plenty of stuff planned for the summer, (besides reading programs and baseball and VBS). We still have some Latin to finish before we start Latina Christiana I, plus some review, just to keep our skills sharp. And when I say our, I mean it, because Latin has come slower to me than it has the children! Speaking of review, we’ll also be doing some math review this summer, especially in the area of “times tables.” Turkey is pretty close to having memorized them, but Bunny still has some work to do.

We have a few special fun things planned, too. We’re working on a bird project, to document our experiences with our nest, and all of the things we’ve learned about birds this spring. We’ll also be watching through Liberty’s Kids again this summer, partly because the time between Memorial Day and Independence Day is great for encouraging patriotism, and partly to act as a lead-in to our upcoming year of American History.

It’s been a busy, productive year, and the summer will be more of the same. Before you know it, school will be starting again, this time with third-graders (and one Pre-Ker) as my students!

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