Before and After

The schoolroom has undergone a lot of changes through the course of the year.

August 2010

Our school table has been moved to the opposite wall. Of course, someday we’re going to need actual desks, but that’s still at least a year off, maybe even two. From the standpoint of the teacher’s seat, it’s a little less convenient now, but as far as the students go, it’s pretty much the same.

We’ve added a fourth bookshelf, which was greatly needed. I figure in the future, I can fit one more in at the most, and that’s only after we move our schoolroom from the spare bedroom to the playroom, (which will be happening when we get the desks), so we’re going to have to be careful of how many more books we purchase. I’ve also added a “book basket” to the top of one bookshelf, in anticipation of using Adventures in My Father’s World next year, and also as a good central location for library books to hang out.

All of our artwork from this year is still up, even the Christmas stuff. We’ve added a few new posters to the walls, too. Of course, the artwork will be coming down soon, but I have some new stuff to hang up, including the cursive alphabet, which Turkey and Bunny will be working on in handwriting next year.

June 2011

I’ll be curious to see what kind of changes I find to make next year!

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